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Odessa R-VII

Middle School


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Classroom Visit Procedures

OMS Classroom Observation and
Teacher Meeting Procedures

Teachers and administrators strongly believe that education is a shared responsibility between parents/guardians and school personnel. At times parents/guardians may wish to visit or observe in a classroom. Please refer to the following Odessa R-VII School District Policy files (copies of the above policy are available in the OMS Office):

File: CF School Building Administration
File: KK Visitors to District Property/Events

In compliance with the Board of Education's policy and acting with the approval of the superintendent, the principal shall be responsible for and have authority over the actions of students, professional and support staff, visitors, and persons hired to perform special tasks. To assure a successful school observation, teachers and administrators ask visitors to follow these guidelines:

1. Please arrange a mutually agreed upon date and time with the building principal and teacher for the requested classroom observation.

2. All observation sessions will be planned in advance so as not to create conflict with the teacher and student schedule. Therefore, arrangements must be made prior to the day of the classroom visit or observation. The principal may limit the duration of any observation in order to avoid distraction or disruption to the teacher’s schedule and classroom atmosphere. No parent may observe or visit a classroom during an assessment.

3. Parents may observe a classroom one time per month. This limit does not include times when parents are invited to a classroom for a special event or presentation, serve as a volunteer with a teacher (see district volunteer policy and application), or to enjoy lunch with a student.

4. The principal reserves the right to decline the request for classroom observation if it is determined that such an observation would cause undue disruption in the educational process.

5. For security reasons, visitors are required to sign in at the school office, to receive a visitor’s badge, and indicate the name of the teacher or destination before proceeding to contact any other person in the building or on the school grounds. All visitors are asked to sign out when leaving the building.

6. To protect the learning environment, the parent/guardian should be the only visitor in the classroom during the observation. An observer, other than the parent/guardian, must be approved by the principal and have written consent from the parent/guardian describing the reason for the visit and/or observation. Out of respect for the teaching environment, parents/guardians are asked not to bring younger siblings or children while observing in the classroom or to utilize any electronic equipment such as cell phones while in the classroom. Observers should not disrupt the learning environment by engaging students or the teacher in conversation. A follow-up meeting may be scheduled as needed to answer questions or concerns.

7. During the observation, the principal or his/her designee may be present in the observed setting in order to accommodate follow-up discussion or clarify questions that may arise.

To assure a successful meeting with a teacher, teachers and administrators ask visitors to follow these guidelines:

1. Scheduled meeting with teacher and/or IEP team: The parent and other participants must sign in at the office, receive a visitor’s badge and receive directions to the meeting location. Meeting participants may then proceed to the designated meeting location and must sign out when leaving the building.

2. Unscheduled meeting with teacher: A parent who comes to school asking to meet with a teacher must remain in the office until it is determined whether the teacher is available for an unscheduled meeting. If the teacher is available, the parent will be directed to the location of the classroom or office for the unscheduled meeting. The parent must sign out when leaving the building.

All aspects of individual student confidentiality must be preserved and respected.